Clients & Industries

Our Clients need solutions that are more than just cut and paste; solutions that are pragmatic, innovative, and customized to their specific industries and individual business goals.

The Ultim Group is comprised of industry leaders who have experience in a wide variety of business sectors, and thus are able to actualize their diverse market expertise to create practical applications for our Clients. We take the time to understand where our Clients are in the present and where they want to go in the future.

We try to mitigate the challenges our Clients face by optimizing their current business model to include checks-and-balances; thus creating a culture of consistent and strategic reevaluation that allows them to anticipate change and leverage the fluctuations of their respective industries to seize new market opportunities and foster innovation.

Our experts have created results driven programs in all of the following industries:


Entertainment & Media

The Media and Entertainment industry is a fast paced and constantly shifting matrix of technological innovation and new communication paradigms. New inventions and transformations are helping us engage the world better and encouraging enterprise to converge with consumerization of their own strategies and benchmarks. At Ultim, we bring industry expertise and pragmatic innovation together to help media executives make confident decisions and take decisive actions that will position their companies on a trajectory for long term success in a rapidly changing industry.


Commodities Trading & Shipping

Ultim brings the most up-to-date expertise to the trading and shipping industry in a pragmatic way. We take the the time to understand the intricate features of our client’s business, all the way from small players to major industry giants. We ensure that traders, producers and manufacturers benefit from the best practices and take advantage of lessons learned by top of the class players.


Alternative Energy Solutions

We cover the spectrum of commercial, regulatory, and environmental aspects of renewable energy projects and technologies. We provide our Clients with world class expertise in all the latest innovations –biomass, waste-to-energy, electric, solar, hydro, wind, geothermal. Ultim’s Team of Experts have experience working with local and regional providers, startups, multinational energy trading companies, NGOs, and government agencies to optimize their existing renewable energy operations, and we provide expertise and assistance to businesses seeking to acquire renewable assets for their existing energy portfolios.


Retail & Value-Added Services

The Retail market is equal parts lucrative and competitive, and having the right insight can save businesses millions and mean the difference between long term success and failure. Ultim provides services in global and domestic retail development, brand and retail strategy, investment advisory, and strategic inter-industry collaboration and venture creation. We make sure that our retail Clients are integrating consumer friendly technology into their business model that they both understand and can use to benefit their consumers. Our industry experts make sure that our Clients are utilizing consumer data properly, so they can be in control of their own brand communication, outreach, and subsequent long-term success. In this highly competitive landscape, we help Clients analyze and zero-in on the best potential markets for expansion, working either as advisors or an integral part of their team.


Finance & Banking

Making allowances for continued, rapid innovation, along with increased regulatory activities is pivotal to success in the modern financial industry. At Ultim, we work to ensure that financial managers are receiving up-to-date information, in the form of real-time data that enables them to confidently make critical decisions and take decisive actions. Now more than ever, financial service firms and providers face a range of strategic and organizational challenges. Market reactions and consumer behavior needs are changing as a result of cultural and demographic shifts, social changes, and the implementation of new technologies. Data is more available than ever, making it easier to understand customers better using predictive data mapping and analysis. This new phenomena is inspiring a shift in the industry from offering product-centered approaches, towards more customer-centered and individualized models. The traditional way of doing things is also being disrupted by the emergence of new fintech solutions, such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other forms of tokenized value. Financial Service companies of all sizes employ the services of Ultim’s strategic financial analysts and consultants to help them develop pragmatic, efficient strategies to achieve success in a dynamic market. We work closely with our Clients to mitigate complex banking challenges by leveraging our vast sector knowledge and senior-level analytics capabilities to come up with individualized approaches.


Science & Medical Technologies

Changes in the science and healthcare technology industries are happening at an ever increasing pace. At Ultim we understands the modern healthcare environment inside and out, and as such we are able to meet the market’s demands by maximizing systems and utilizing data for continued improvements – all while meeting extensive compliance regulations. Ultim has a successful track record in structuring medical technology and science innovation companies to succeed within dynamic markets and withstand harsh competition. One major component of our success within these markets is our ability to perform rigorous analysis of product feasibility, which enables us to instruct our Clients on the most effective way to introduce innovative products and services to the market. We also have experience in building expert advisory teams that are unique to our Client’s specific industry, who then work with us to create a network of distributors, service providers, and manufacturers who can qualify our Client’s distribution strategy. Ultim’s mission within the medical technologies and science industry is to help enterprises grow in times of competition and to make innovation in these industries not only possible but highly profitable. All of our science and medical technology consultants are dedicated to the industry, and all have prior professional experience from science, biotech and/or pharma.


Mobile Applications

When undertaking the development of both consumer & enterprise mobile applications, we take the time to understand what the Client’s desired outcome is and based on that we compile and analyze the most relevant data, and make a point to clearly demonstrate the value potential of the product. We can undertake the entire development process, or assist with a certain phase of the mobile app’s creation: conception, strategy, branding, development, launch, monetization analysis. Ultim has experience developing the full spectrum of mobile applications and employs a team of award-winning backend developers and frontend designers.


Disruptive Innovations

Most “breakthroughs” are merely sparks that fizzle out before the consumer market or enterprise market can monetize their intrinsic value. This has much less to do with the actual usefulness of the innovation and more to do with a one-size-fits-all business model being uniformly applied to every disruptive technology or service . At Ultim, we take a pragmatic approach when working with paradigm shifting companies, by combining market analysis and predictive algorithms to advise our clients on the best trajectory to ensure that their company has staying-power in an oversaturated and competitive market.


Software & IT

With a team comprised of industry leading experts, Ultim’s Technology Division is able to support the full spectrum of our Client’s needs, including internal strategic development and market reach, in the. At Ultim, we recognize the importance of promoting the strength of technological platforms, in tandem with consumer behavior trends. As technology advances, our well-established IT and Software Clients face harsh competition and a bloated market, while our less-established clients face market barriers and high startup costs. We employ highly individualized tactics to recognize and interpret ambiguous market signals by systematically separating nose from insight; this gives our Clients the tools to make informed decisions that positively impact their company’s future performance.

Public Facilities

Public Facilities & Institutions

End-consumers and businesses alike are accustomed to transparency, in addition to accessibility, responsiveness, and customization, when it comes to public services,. At Ultim, we understand that any business can make incremental change that trails behind market demand, but only a paradigm shifting organization can make decisive moves and bold decisions that will keep them ahead of the curve. When it comes to the public sector, Ultim helps organizations infuse innovation into their business model and transform the way they serve their constituents, all while maintaining a high level of institutional trust. Local, State, and Federal government agencies, nonprofits, and institutes for higher education can trust Ultim’s Team of experienced analysts, advisors, and consultants to help guide them through the spectrum of bureaucratic challenges that public sector organizations face. When working with public sectors or publicly funded entities, it's important for big goals to be met on a tight budget. Ultim brings maximum operational efficiency to the public sector, while never compromising quality or established long term goals and deliverables.

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