Executive Team

Percy Mueller


Percy is a technology enthusiast form the first hours of Unix, Mac OS, and Windows. Back in the 1990s he incubated the first German independent ISP for dial up internet. After gaining several experiences in the early global IT scene he founded Show Real Studios a Software company specialized in Computer simulation, Artificial Intelligence and 3D Modelling. With Show-Real he and his team developed a 3D animation and game engine before Microsoft Direct X entered the global market. His experience in computer simulation and artificial intelligence from the very first moments of the industry have let Mr. Mueller into the IT Consulting scene where he was an advisor to many leading global corporations. As founding partner Mueller leads Ultim group into the future of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.


Robert Sevecke

Partner, Head of Advanced Technologies (Exelentic Group)

Mr. Sevecke has profound experience within the software automation industry. He is founder and CEO of Exelentic, an advisory and implementation company for robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. Before joining Ultim group he worked as a management consultant for Synpulse on several multinational business and IT automation projects.
At Ultim Group Mr. Sevecke functions as a Partner for IT automation and head of consulting services and talent management.

Consultants & Analysts

Michael Meyer

Principal Consultant

Mr. Meyer has extensive experience working with startups and multinational corporations alike. Before joining he worked as a principal consultant for EY Switzerland on various global projects. Furthermore Meyer is a founding member of the Swiss Incubation Center “Technopark” in Zurich.
At Ultim Group Meyer functions as a Partner for renewables and sustainable energy.


Eddie Egloff

Senior Advisor

After completing his commercial banking education, Eddie Egloff started his career in the international raw material business. His experience covers all the main divisions such as finance, currency trading, shipping and trading. As one of the founder members of the largest group in the raw material business, Glencore, he has had worldwide responsibilities in the field of non-ferrous commodities, mainly copper, zinc and lead, and, at a later stage, also in the soft commodities sector, including in grain and sugar.

He is presently performing a consultancy role in the field of mining and raw material production.Thanks to his decades of experience in the raw material business, he has acquired considerable expertise in the field, in addition to many important international contacts in the business sector.


Mohammad Al Qureshi

Senior Advisor

Mohammad Al Qureshi has over twenty five years of experience working in finance, government sales, and technology. Prior to taking a position at Ultim, Mr. Al Qureshi was head of B2B & Governmental Sales for Apple Saudi Arabia, where he maintained a private Islamic fixed income fund and was in charge of global and domestic transaction settlements. From 2005 to 2012 he was the managing director of Emirates NBD, one of the largest banking groups in the Middle East, where he personally managed a private banking book of over AED 2.5 bln (equiv. USD650m), handled credit trust services for ultra high net worth individuals, managed cross regional relationships, and launched and maintained new investment opportunities such as private placement, IPO’s and other SPV’s. Prior to Emirates NBD Mr. Al Qureshi was also director of HSBC’s GCC Markets where he personally managed a team of 21 regional private bankers  and reported directly to the CEO of HSBC Middle East. Mr. Al Qureshi’s banking experience also extends to investment products, having worked as a senior broker and head of international equity at Arab National Bank and SABB, an associate company of HSBC.


Zach Kozberg


Zach Kozberg is a seasoned business analyst with extensive experience evaluating new technologies for potential business opportunities and strategic initiatives and designing sustainable worldwide pricing models to grow corporate market shares and increase profitability. Zach is an expert at reducing a company’s capital expenditures and optimizing management and logistics agility. His financial models have been used by numerous multinational companies to help determine optimal distribution strategies throughout Asia and Europe. He has Provided analytic and strategic support for Fortune 500 Companies and was instrumental in the creation of the largest digital cinema satellite network in North America.


Kenji Luo


Kenji Luo is the founder of one of China’s largest import/export companies, working with major multinational companies to distribute their products and services to the chinese market and/or source materials at cost. Mr. Luo possesses an acute understanding of the Chinese market, both import and export, and as such is able to intuitively shape manufacturing and distribution deals that are advantageous in the short and long term.