High Net Worth Services

We understand the needs of high networth individuals (HNI’s)  who have created substantial fortunes, and whose wealth requires continuous investment activity to maintain growth in a constantly fluctuating market  Ultim can provide expert market analysis in key growth areas to guarantee that your wealth is on the right path. Busy schedules and day-to-day obligations prove to be a challenge for HNI’s when it comes to staying on top of investment positions. For that reason, we offer bespoke services to help provide financial clarity, market forecasts, and outline relevant opportunities.

In today’s’ financial climate, having strategic investments in growing markets is imperative to safeguarding personal wealth against inflation and to gain control over volatile markets; this is something that we clearly understand at Ultim. We also have a highly experienced team of securitization experts who can assist HNI Clients in liquefying their assets: Art Collections, Wine Collections, Car Collections, Property, Intellectual Property etc. We can also provide personalized redomiciliation services based on you personal and financial goals. Relocation not only improves financial positions, it can also elevate one’s overall quality of life.

What is the Definition of a High Net Worth Individual (HNI)?

There is no standard definition for a high net worth individual (HNI) but it is commonly accepted that to be counted as a  HNI, a person must possess over one-million USD or the equivalents worth of liquid financial assets. With wealth levels consistently scaling over the years, a person can also now be categorised as an ultra-HNI, which is defined as a person who possesses an excess of thirty-million USD or the equivalent.

What We Offer

  • Investment Advice & Opportunity Analysis
  • Asset Securitization
  • Asset Preservation
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Wealth Re-domiciliation
  • Personal Relocation Services
  • Use of Trusts to Achieve Specific Needs

In terms of our HNI Client due diligence, we seek to confirm the following information at the beginning of our cooperation in order to create a comprehensive and individualized financial strategy

  • Confirmation of identity
  • Information regarding the Client’s civil status in their home country and place of residence
  • The clients career history and professional background, including corporate positions and shareholdings
  • Any notable material relating to the Client, both personal or in regards to a company they are involved with
  • Whether the Client should be viewed as a PEP (politically exposed person) and/or a close family member or associate of a PEP
  • Any links between the client and money laundering, and to what extent they are connected
  • Potential sanctions risk of the Client

Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us and all of our enhanced due diligence checks are conducted in a totally discreet manner