International Outreach

In a time of globalization, an international footprint is increasingly important. Expanding internationally can allow retailers, brands, & corporations to extend their customer bases, prolong the life of existing products, diversify risk and combat seasonality. Successful international expansion is complex, though, and requires experience and cross-cultural industry acumen. Depending on the Client’s specific goals, successful international expansion requires understanding in the  diversified consumer & investor preferences of the market, as well as the competitive and cultural differences and increased management & operational challenges. As such, companies whose aim is international expansion must make tough choices as they define their international strategies. But with Ultim’s deeply rooted international culture and experience helping companies across multiple sectors and industries expand globally, we have the right resources to help you get there.

We Help Clients in the Following Areas

  • International Distribution Models: Should a direct or distributor/partner model be employed to maximize market potential and profitability?
  • Consumer Demand Generation: What are the best value proposition, product range and marketing strategies to reach your key target demographics?
  • Competitive Positioning: What are the breadth and depth of current market alternatives?
  • Channel Strategies: What is the most effective way to deliver goods and services, and how developed is the country’s infrastructure?
  • Regulatory Compliance: What are the potential governmental changes that can impact your strategy, including regional versus national compliance regulations, product regulations for health and safety, and employment regulations?
  • Supply chain and Organization Infrastructure: How readily available are product resources, how established is the manufacturing base, and how expensive are employee labor and associated materials?
  • Brand Alignment for Foreign Markets: How will the end-consumer or shareholder in the market you wish to expand into perceive your product or company. What aesthetic fixes, if any, can be made to ensure that the public views your company in a positive light?

Which Markets Does Ultim Have Expertise in Targeting?

  • Western Companies Whose Goal is to Expand Into the Chinese & Greater Asian-Market
  • Chinese Companies Whose Goal is to Expand Into the Western Market (Europe & North America)
  • The UAE & Saudi Arabia
  • The Baltics, The Balkans, & Russia
  • Europe & North American


  • Apple: Saudi Arabia & Global South Expansion
    • Managed corporate & Governmental sales as well as, business development strategies & roadmap implementation
    • Optimized Global & Domestic Transactions
    • Maintained Private Islamic Fixed Income Fund for GTIC; AUM over SAR 120m
    • Increased Liquidity & Financial Management (Cash management) by Implementing a long and short term deposit strategy to allow a built up, which created an increase in liquidity and capital availability
    • Optimized Regional Supply chain, a process which included extensive internal audits, strategic planning strategies, and detailed & regular reporting
    • Incorporated a 2020 and 2030 working business expansion strategy that coincided with the rapidly changing telecommunication industry
  • Celliant: Europe Expansion
    • Assisted in brokering regional distribution and shipping contracts
    • Advised on a cost-effective way to open additional manufacturing facilities to accommodate the increase in demand
    • Facilitated strategic partnerships with relevant european retailers
    • Set up additional sales offices in Germany to centralize european activities
    • Played a key role in Celliant’s FDA approval process
  • Cranes India: US & Europe Expansion
    • Implemented an extensive brand alignment to center Cranes properly within the software industry.
    • Integrated external business units, including regional partners, alliances, and sales partners with a consistent communication language
    • Properly integrated Crane’s sub-brands within the company’s corporate and brand identity to allow for more effective marketing and communication outreach
    • Created an IR message to attract prime & institutional investors