About us

Ultim Advisory Group is a leading strategy and management consultancy with primary headquarters in London, Zurich, Dusseldorf; and outposts in New York, Hong Kong, and The UAE.

Founded in 2011, Ultim serves privately held companies, investors, and public sector organizations. We believe that transformation is defined by a clear strategy and roadmap that lays out a plan for both present objectives and future goals. At Ultim, we infuse pragmatic innovation in everything that we do, and we face challenges head-on, with an open mind and a strategy for integration and expansion. But we don’t just innovate for innovations sake, we take a holistic approach when surveying new market trends.

Communicating obstacles to our clients is an imperative, and we are always clear and upfront in a way that allows us to finetune strategies whenever necessary, while never losing sight of established, long-term goals. Ultim boast a strong, diversified track record for successful cooperation with companies of all sizes. We work with corporations, startups, groups, and brands primarily in the the fields of Technology, Banking & Finance, Diversified Commodities Trading, Healthcare, Luxury Consumer Goods, Retail, and Value Added Services.

At Ultim, we help companies integrate innovation into all aspects of their business, including but not limited to:






Company Structure
& Organization


Business Model
& Expansion Strategy


Roadmap Creation
& Implementation

What Sets us Apart?

Unlike most consultancy firms, Ultim is highly selective when it comes to the Clients we take on. If we don’t feel that a potential Client would be a good fit, we will direct them to another firm that might be better suited to their company’s specific needs. As a result of Ultim’s culture of self selection and because of the superior standard we hold our work to, we have had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most influential companies of the past decade and have assisted them in launching a number of paradigm shifting products, brands, and services. Additionally, because of our work with upper echelon Clients, The Ultim Group is proximate to some of the most distinguished Executives and organizations throughout the spectrum of industries that we work in.

“The key to thriving in a rapidly changing market is not reacting, but understanding.”

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