Early Stage Development

Few industries are safe from the persistent phenomena of self-described “disruptive technologies,” those of which sweep the market at a rapid pace with varying degrees of impact. This modern-day phenomenon–which is part and parcel of the indiscriminate venture capital that continues to oversaturate the market–is occurring on almost every front and disrupting industries globally.  Most founders only do business plans and pitch decks because it’s what they have been told they need in order to raise money but proper planning is an essential piece that most overlook.The key to sustainable growth is innovating from a place of understanding rather than reactionary implementation. Many startups focus on growth without defining a business model that will be sustainable; this causes them to be reliant on investors to continue operating, rather than becoming self-reliant. At Ultim, we believe that  true innovation only happens when it solves the needs of both the consumer and the business. We don’t just come up with the innovative ideas, we merge the big ideas with core business acumen skills.

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Business Structure Development
  • Brand Architecture
  • Product Analysis
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Management Analysis
  • Advisory Board Appointments
  • Funding Strategies
    • Blended Funding Strategy
    • Crowdfunding
    • Venture Capital Proposals & Scouting
    • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)